Welcome to Computational Biomechanics Lab !

We are in the Computational Biomechanics Lab at Beijing Computational Science Research Center. Our research aims to understand the mechanics in the complex interactions between biological systems and environments. From the gastropod feeding with cilia to the shark swimming with lunate tail, organisms can manipulate biological matters with large degrees of freedoms in their body and effectively interact with environmental matters with complex properties. In collaboration with experimentalists, we develop theoretical and computational models to reveal the governing mechanical principles, and apply these principles to bio-inspired robots. Besides, we are also interested in controlling fish swimming and predicting fluid field by using machine learning. You can find more about our research here.


Dr. Ding Yang is currently looking for Post-doc, PhD students and Master students. Please contact him at dingyang@csrc.ac.cn if you are interested in our research.

Note: Please include your CV in email.